how to use bitcoin
Bitcoin / 2:04 pm

How to use Bitcoin

How to use bitcoin? In order to transmit money electronically, you had to use a third-party service such as a bank payment processor PayPal or Western Union, which are all easy points of regulation. However with Bitcoin it’s an entirely different story. No one needs a third-party service to own spend or send bitcoins anywhere […]

Banks / 6:25 pm

What Crypto Really Thinks About Litecoin’s Banking Ambitions

It was news that was perhaps too strange for crypto’s typically divided reactions. First revealed Wednesday, the Litecoin Foundation, the non-profit that develops the software that powers the sixth-largest cryptocurrency, bought a stake in a very real, non-crypto bank. The move was met with applause and skepticism, but also a stunned sense of disbelief from nearly all […]

how does digital currency work
Digital Assets / 9:23 pm

How does Digital Currency Work

In order to understand digital currency potential to revolutionize the global financial system we must first understand what it is and why it matters? Bitcoin is kind of like email for money right if you remember we used to write letters, now we do emails, we used to read the newspaper, now we read content […]

blockchain tech / 8:20 pm

What is Blockchain

Detailed Lecture on “What is Blockchain” Today we are going to talk about blockchain the reason we are going to talk about that is that we need to create common language across Business and Technology about this issue. Albert Einstein once said that If you cannot explain it simply you do not understand it The […] / 3:03 pm

Block.One Is Taking a Bigger Role With EOS (And That’s a Big Deal)

Block.One has decided to start voting with its hoard of EOS tokens. Announced last week, the decision finds the startup that created the EOS software, now powered by the fifth most valuable cryptocurrency, breaking with precedent in a move that may have come as a surprise to those following the project’s decentralized launch. That’s because […]

Binance / 11:42 am

Binance to the rescue, West Japan downpour donation pool

Binance is known to the be one of the top powerful cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. As the phrase goes ‘With power comes great responsibility’ the group is taking charge of the current disaster in West Japan. The co-founder of Binance, Changpeng Zhao is known by his popular internet name ‘CZ’. The initiative of helping the […]

Bug bounties / 8:19 am

Crypto Bounty Hunting Is Offering A Way Out of Poverty

Life used to be different for “Crypto Shaolin.” Long before he was known by his current nickname, he’d follow tourists in the heat of central Africa, swinging an ice box and offering them a chilly bottle of Coca Cola or Fanta with a sugary smile to match. But as chipper as his demeanor made him […]

Bitcoin / 1:37 am

What Happened When A Secret Bitcoin Key Went Public

At least one bitcoin mystery can be checked off our lists. The long-awaited reveal of the private keys connected to a now-defunct alert system built into bitcoin occurred Monday through an email by two Bitcoin Core developers, Bryan Bishop and Andrew Chow. In the email, the two wrote that the reason for full disclosure of […]

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