Analysis / 5:53 am

Tron [TRX] Technical Analysis: Coin rides the pastures with the bull

All major cryptocurrencies on the CoinMarketCap list, have been suffering from the bear’s attack for the last few days. The coins, at the time of press, are trying to recover, but with the current growth, it looks like a slow recovery, similar is the case of Tron [TRX]. The ninth-largest cryptocurrency has been putting a strong […]

Bitcoin / 4:51 am

Bitcoin’s Price Counters the VIX, Confirming It’s Still a Risk Asset

Evidence is emerging that bitcoin has yet to truly earn its reputation as an “uncorreleated asset.” Case and point, bitcoin’s latest sell-off from $6,000 to nearly $3,000 was accompanied by a surge in the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX). The VIX measures the 30-day forward-looking volatility of the S&P 500 to gauge the market’s fear and risk tolerance, […]

Bittorrent / 1:47 am

SF Summit Shows BitTorrent Is Boosting Tron’s Appeal

“I was very interested in making fun of it.” That’s how crypto YouTuber Ben Armstrong, known around the web as “BitBoy,” described how he felt about Tron prior to its acquisition last summer of file-sharing platform BitTorrent. Now, outside Day 2 of Tron’s niTROn Summit in San Francisco last Friday, BitBoy felt differently: Tron was […]

Adam Back / 12:46 am

Bitcoin [BTC]: Liquid-Bitcoin can now be traded with Japanese Yen pegged stable coins privately on Liquid Network

Crypto Garage, a subsidiary of Digital Garage and a fintech company in blockchain financial services sector, received an official green signal to conduct the first blockchain and finance project. The regulatory sandbox is managed by the Secretariat of Japan and has given Crypto Garage the signal to participate with cryptocurrency exchanges. The official announcement by Crypto Garage stated: […]

Asia-Pacific / 11:43 pm

Crypto Exchange CEO Sentenced to 3-Year Jail Term for Faking Trading Volume

Two executives from South Korean crypto exchange Komid have been handed down jail time for faking trading volume and deceiving investors. According to a report from CoinDesk Korea, the firm’s CEO Hyunsuk Choi received a three-year sentence for his role in the crime, as well as for embezzlement. Another member of the team, Park Mo, […]

Altcoins / 10:41 pm

Ripple partners with Chinese research institute for Blockchain Technology Research Scholarship program

Ripple has been working non-stop in terms of spreading its reach, with the firm recently marking a milestone by crossing more than 200 partnerships across 40 different countries. According to Crowd Fund Insider, Ripple has struck another partnership with Tsinghua University, in order to launch a scholarship program. The Institute for Fintech Research, Tsinghua University […]

Coinnest / 9:39 pm

South Korean Exchange Loses $5 Million in Accidental Bitcoin Airdrop

South Korean crypto exchange Coinnest is looking to take back cryptocurrencies accidentally sent to clients in an airdrop. The exchange announced last week that some 6 billion Korean won (around $5.3 million) in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were sent to customers due to a computer error, according to CoinDesk Korea. The exchange was trying to […]

Altcoins / 8:38 pm

XRP gets more decentralized as Proof-of-Work-based cryptocurrencies face extinction

Opinion: XRP and Ripple, together have created quite a buzz in the financial system, especially in the remittance industry with their blockchain solutions. XRP has faced all the major cryptocurrencies and triumphed to become the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap in the space. The only other thing that’s left for XRP to do is, overthrow […]

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